\ San·yu \


Origin: Luganda 

Definition: joy

  1. The emotion evoked by well-being: DELIGHT

  2. The expression or exhibition of such emotion: GAIETY

  3. A state of rejoicing  

  4. Deep-rooted, inspired happiness


Welcome to Ssanyu. 

If you've been considering how to develop ways to see yourself and others differently, you've come to the right place. We are a psychological therapies service that aims to empower you with a deeply reflective and compassionate lens to see through. This will lead to greater understanding of yourself and an opening to be understood by others.


What can therapy do for you?

During our time together, we will explore ways to gain more clarity about the most important things in your life. This might include growing a more enriched understanding of yourself and others, forming healthy thought patterns to support your development or reaching into the hidden places of your inner life to uncover unknown strength.

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